Trump’s LGBTQ Policy Reversal

Trump’s policy reversal on LGBTQ issues, specifically, banning transgender people from military service, like his Twitter habit, is rash and unwarranted. If the issue is about costs, as he seems to suggest, then there are alternatives.

We could have a discussion on whether particular kind of medical care should be paid by taxpayers. But no. Instead, he jumped straight to a ban. But the problem he is highlighting isn’t even a problem. The costs are minuscule and less than compared to other non-emergency medical treatment for non-transgendered people. If he wants to cut extravagant costs there are other avenues he could have pursued — avenues that would make a real difference when compared to the overall budget.

The unit cohesion argument is just as baseless as the medical cost argument. We have the data and that includes data from other countries; it simply does not support the administration’s argument. But this isn’t about costs or military readiness, this is about discriminating to satisfy his dwindling base — it is about scoring political points.


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