Nikola Tesla’s Major Inventions

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? If not, don’t feel too bad–most people haven’t, but he is a person that everyone should know something about. Unfortunately, since his death, Tesla’s name, life, inventions and predictions have been lost in the dustbin of history. This is unwarranted considering his influence on our modern world.

Let’s look at some of his major inventions:

1. Alternating current (AC)

* In the late 1800s there was a war between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla’s visions of how to produce and distribute electricity. Thomas Edison’s DC current required a converter, it was dangerous and costly to distribute over long distance. Ultimately, AC won the war and today Tesla’s vision and invention is the basis for our entire electrical system.

2. Fluorescent light

* Tesla invented the florescent lightbulb about 40 years before the industry supposedly invented it and began to manufacture them. At the World’s Fair, he not only demonstrated the lightbulb but also did so by creating the first neon signs.

3. X-rays

* Tesla played a crucial role in aiding the creation of most of our medical diagnostic tools.

4. Radio

* Guglielmo Marconi is credited with inventing the radio, however, the Supreme Court overturned his patent in 1943 when it was shown that Tesla invented the radio years before Marconi.

5. Remote control

* Tesla created the first remote controlled device–a boat–in 1898.

6. Electric motor

* He invented a motor with rotating magnetic fields. Today, such motors are being applied in all sorts of ways one of them being the electric car.

7. Designed the first hydroelectric power plant at a place you might have heard of called Niagara Falls.

8. Wireless communication

* Tesla created a tower that was able to use natural frequencies to transmit a wide range of data wirelessly.


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