Most Qualified Presidential Candidate Ever?

The assertion that Hillary is “the most qualified presidential candidate ever” is a nonsensical talking point that is patently false and a red herring. As I have mentioned elsewhere, you can have all the experience in the world but that does not necessarily mean you deserve or are fit for the office. If the criteria was based on who is the most qualified then neither Obama nor Lincoln would have been the president.

Instead of focusing on job titles perhaps it is far more meaningful to focus on what was actually accomplished during the held positions. In fact, overall, there seems to be very little correlation between the candidate’s resume and how history judges them.

I made the claim that the assertion touted by Hillary’s supporters is not factual. Allow me to explain. Hillary has held some impressive political job titles: Congressional legal councilor, First Lady, junior senator and Secretary of State. But this is not by any stretch of the imagine the resume of the most qualified candidate “ever.”

However, this brings up an issue. How do we go about deciding who was the most qualified candidate? For this post, I will do what her supporters have repeatedly done and that is to merely appeal to job titles. I will provide only two examples to make my case: John Quincy Adams and James Monroe.

Exhibit A: John Quincy Adams
* served in the House of Representatives
* served in the Senate
* served as an ambassador to three different countries
* served as the Secretary of State

Exhibit B: James Monroe
* served as a Senator
* served as ambassador to two different countries
* served as the governor of Virginia
* served as the Secretary of War
* served as the Secretary of State


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